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I got a new cat!!

Like you all know, my birthday was last week and since my pig Frank died of prostate cancer (RIP FRANK!!!!!!! )my mom gave me a pretty kitty. She rescued her from the shelter!

Her name is Francine. Yeah, I'm creative LOL. <img xsrc=

Here is a picture I made of her that I uploaded to ICanHasCheezburger  There are a lot of funny pictures there, you should definetely check it out if you don't know that site yet.

Isn't she the cutest???? <img xsrc=

She's a great dancer LOL. Beethoven is her favourite, watching her is just too funny. <img xsrc=


The other day I got really scared cause I couldn't find her and because she's still not familiar with our house I thought she might have gotten lost or ran away. I looked EVERYWHERE for her and I got so scared I cried.

Then my mom called me downstairs and guess where the cat was!!! In the WASHING MACHINE! My mom washed her with my clothes! At first I was really mad at her, but Francine is still okay and now she is super fluffy and smells so nice!

I told her not to wash her again though. :D

Anyway I've got to go now and play with my kitty-cat. I also need to buy her some cute new toys.

14.11.08 11:16

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(14.11.08 11:29)
pigs are no pets. they are livestock!

K.M. (14.11.08 11:34)
Hey could you please change your blog?! Its too exhausting to scroll from side to side...and why do you replace that pig through a cat? you're strange...go play with barbie

(14.11.08 11:37)
hey there
it is absolute unbeliveable that your cat survived in the washing machine. my cat is a bit smelly too. So I might try to put her in the washing machine as well. Let's wait and see! I'll let you know what happened with my one.

J.K.K. (14.11.08 11:40)
Have fun, playing with your kitty;o). But think of the legal consequences!

V.S. (14.11.08 11:41)
Hey, you've got a funny pseudonyme. Maybe your pet-pig was part of one of your cheesburgers?

M. J. (16.11.08 12:14)
oooooooooh, she's sooooooooo cute. I can hardly believe. I got a tom- maybe they can soon make some little babies... ooh, they'd be lovely.

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